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Tuition Centre

RECCO is the best private tuition centre in Nairobi, Kenya. We are located in a serene and safe environment in Lavington. We offer private tuition in both local and international curriculum and resits for those repeating.

We are a full day institution offering individualized tuition in IGCSE, A - LEVEL, IB, BNC, SATS, TOEFL, CHECK-POINT and 8.4.4. For Primary level we offer BNC teaching in numeracy, literacy and Science. We also offer Home Schooling services in the following subjects: Mathematics, English/Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Business Commerce/Economics/Accounting , Sociology, Psychology and Law. We are open 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and Saturday to 4pm. For adult education, we offer a 2 year crush programme in both IGCSE and KCSE and register students for exam privately.


Recco Courses


Recco Centre takes pride in producing students well prepared to tackle examinations and excel.
• Key Stage 2[KS2]: Literacy, Numeracy and Science
• Preparation for SATS & Checkpoint Exams
• Key Stage 3 [KS 3]: Year 7 - 9: Math, English & Sciences
• Preparation for Checkpoint exams in Year 9
• IGCSE: Year 10 - 11: All subjects
• AS/A2 & IB: All subjects


Recco Computer Studies

About Our Private Tuition Centre

Conducive Environment

Recco has a conducive classroom environment. There is mutual respect between the students and teacher and among students themselves, orderliness, and safety.


We offer both the local and international curriculum, that is Cambridge International Exams (CIE), Edexel and the Kenya National Exams.  

Teaching Experience

Our staff are professional with experience in both local and international curriculum. Among them we have examiners with international boards.

Structured learning

Our teaching is individualized according to the students’ needs. The student learning is motivated and feedback and reinforcement regularly provided.

Future Oriented

Our learning system is is modeled to prepare future ready learners for the world which we believe is our responsibility to students and the society at large. 

Student growth

Our centre provides sufficient scope for the cultivation of skills, interest, attitudes and appreciations. Our learning is holistic.

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