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About Us

Education and Graduation Gowns Centre

Recco Centre is a full day international private tuition and graduation gowns centre in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer adult learning to those who want to advance their levels of education. We also facilitate placement to universities both local and international.  We are a one stop shop for your academic needs.

We offer private tuition in IGCSE, A - LEVEL, IB, BNC, SATS, TOEFL, CHECK-POINT and 8.4.4. For Primary level we offer BNC teaching in numeracy, literacy and Science. We also offer Home Schooling services in the following subjects: Mathematics, English/Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Business Commerce/Economics/Accounting , Sociology, Psychology and Law. We are open 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and Saturday to 4pm. For adult education, we offer a 2 year crush programme in both IGCSE and KCSE and register students for exam privately.

We hire and sell graduation gowns for all levels of learning ranging from Kindergarten, High Schoo, Degree, Masters, Doctorate and Pastoral. Join Recco today and learn with the best, hire and buy quality graduation gowns (individuals and institutions). Make your learning and graduation unforgettable at Recco today.

our Objectives

Our Vision

To be the leading education consultancy centre in both Local and International Education.

Our Mission

To contribute to education by giving an opportunity to learners of all abilities and age to achieve their dream.

Our Promise

To provide excellent private tuition and quality graduation apparel in the East African region and beyond.

Why Choose Us

Student Tuition

We have successfully graduated many students who have joined both local and international universities.

Client Referrals

We have had many referrals from satisfied clients.

Graduation Gowns Hired

We have hired more than 20,000 graduation gowns to individuals and institutions in the East African region and beyond..

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